When Should I Call To Schedule The Home Inspection?If you are buying a home and have found the perfect one. Congratulations! If you are planning to sell your home, Good luck! Either way, an Augusta home inspection should be on your list! Of course, your agent will most likely guide you through the process, but you must have a rough idea of when to call and schedule the home inspection.

It’s a no-brainer that whether your home is new or a century-old, a home inspection is the best decision you could make to protect your most prized possession. A professional should inspect every home to ensure its major systems are in good working condition. Below is our guideline for when to call your home inspector:

 When Buying

When writing the contract, you should consider having an inspection to know what you’re buying right up front. “A BRAND-NEW HOUSE DOESN’T NEED A HOME INSPECTION,” says no home inspector. True enough, because the existence of a perfect house is a myth that needs to be debunked. Most new home construction and structural problems can go unnoticed for several years when issues are no longer the builder’s responsibility.

One major reason for a home inspection is to secure and protect your investment. The last thing you want is to find unpleasant surprises after you move in. While a home inspection is usually the buyer’s responsibility, it can save you money in the long run. You will know what you are buying and what to expect. A home inspection can also help with negotiations with the sellers should there be any necessary repairs.

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the home’s major structure, systems, and components, including the roof, wall structure, foundation, exterior, attic, insulation and ventilation, heating and cooling plumbing system, and electrical system. A home inspection helps identify defects or deficiencies on the major components that might need extensive repairs or raise safety and maintenance issues.

When Selling

There are two good reasons why getting a home inspection done before listing your home on the market is a major selling point. One, you get to see the actual condition of your home through the eyes of a neutral third party. Two, it shows that you are transparent and willing to be upfront about the property. And, the homebuyers will be more confident as it shows that your home is an open book. A pre-listing inspection can also help you sell your home faster. Putting yourself in a homebuyer position, you are more likely to consider a home where the seller discloses all information, positive or negative. As a seller, this inspection can protect you against potential buyer claims and eliminate back-and-forth negotiations that might ultimately kill the deal. A pre-listing inspection is also one way to learn the best selling points of your home, price it accurately and appropriately, and, most importantly, save yourself from stress and worry.

 All these being said, it is important to schedule ahead of time, so you don’t feel rushed in such an important process. Just remember to be aware of the time of the year you are looking to buy or sell. In some seasons, especially summer, schedules tend to fill up faster, so it’s best to call and schedule immediately.  

Most home inspection companies also offer services specifically designed for one area depending on the client’s need, including roof, mold, termite, radon, pool, and 1-year builder’s warranty. Remember, when considering an inspection, seek the help of a professional.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell and needs a home inspection, please consider C&C Property Inspections, LLC. In addition, you can call at (706) 431-5878 or visit our website for more information or schedule your inspection services today.


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