What Do Home Inspectors Look For?The idea of a home inspection can be worrisome – at least for some people. Some think this way because they have no idea what happens during the home inspection, while others think it’s a deal killer. A home inspection may cause buyer and seller anxiety, but looking at the bigger picture benefits both. So whether you are a buyer or a seller, realize there’s no such thing as a perfect home. The home inspection provides you with the knowledge you need to know about the home via a comprehensive inspection report of the property.

A home inspection is not a Pass/Fail examination but a service performed to see what issues there are with the home. The inspection report will likely show some concerns with the home, whether minor or costly. But to further understand what Augusta, GA home inspectors look for, read on to know the essential points about this vital part of the real estate transaction.

What’s Included In The Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination that can run between 2 to 5 hours depending on the home’s size, age, and condition. The home inspector will look at the home’s structural, safety, and function, including the foundation, basement, crawlspace, roof, siding, deck, porch, patio, garage, walls, doors, ceiling, and major systems, including electrical, plumbing, and the HVAC system. A home inspection aims to look for and report on the home’s current conditions. Usually, within 24 hours following the home inspection, you will receive a comprehensive, full-color narrative report to inform you of any issues and recommendations.

Major Issues Found

There are several major issues that home inspectors are focused on. These issues are some of the most expensive and labor-intensive fixes and could threaten health, safety, and the home’s overall function.

  • Water Damage

When water accumulates, it can cause a host of issues that is a red flag for the buyers. Water in the basement can be a sign of structural damage, an undetected roof leak, or a plumbing leak. Indications can be stains on the ceiling or walls, a musty smell, and mold growing in a damp area. This can make for a toxic home environment.

  • Foundation Issues

Visible signs that the home’s structural integrity is compromised include cracks in basement walls and door frames, uneven floors, cracks and gaps between walls and floors, nails that pop out of the walls, and gaps around window and door frames.

  • Roof Damage

When it’s safe, most home inspectors will walk the roof to look for any roof issues. Others use drones to handle this task. Common roof issues include loose or missing shingles, nail pops, excessive algae growth, soft spots, cracks, rust or missing flashing, and an indication of moisture in the attic.  

  • Problems With The Electrical 

Improper electrical distribution remains one of the leading causes of fire. Because of this, home inspectors are focused on determining the electrical conditions in the home. Exposed wiring, painted outlets, double-tapping of circuit breakers, and improperly modified electrical panels are among many electrical hazards home inspectors find.  

  • Plumbing Issues

Running toilets, hidden water leaks, sediment buildup, high water pressure, and broken or rusty pipes are some of the plumbing issues that, when left unattended, could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Remember, there’s no perfect home, so don’t be overwhelmed if you receive a lengthy home inspection report. Focus more on the summary of the issues and discuss with your agent how to move forward with the purchase. The main goal of a home inspection is to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed buying decision. A home inspection is a crucial and significant step in the home buying process.

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